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“My Son (Or Daughter) The Lawyer”…

Around 4 in 10 parents would be happy if their child moved into a career as a Lawyer, said a recent study conducted by Virgin Media.

The study quizzed 2,000 parents with children under the age of 18 as to what careers they would be most happy for their child to choose.

Initially 4 in 10 does not sound like a big number, however, lawyer jobs were actually the third most preferred option on the list. Unsurprisingly the top two careers were Doctor (49%) and Engineer (45%).

Other high flyers included “Tech entrepreneur” and App Developer suggesting parents are beginning to prefer technology roles over more traditional professions such as 999 crew, vet and Banker. However, it appears the legal profession is still one of the most preferred options for parents even in the digital age we live in.

The lowest scoring careers included Professional sportsperson and musician/artist with only 16% of parents stating they’d be happy with their children pursuing a career in these areas.

Here are the full top 10 parents’ responses from the study –

  • Doctor 49%
  • Engineer 45%
  • Lawyer 43%
  • IT entrepreneur 38%
  • App Developer 35%
  • Vet 32%
  • 999 crew 21%
  • Banker 18%
  • Professional sportsperson 16%
  • Musician/Artist 16%

Last year the lawyer.com conducted a similar study on 1,001 readers of its magazine, the majority of whom work within the legal sector. Interestingly 64% of those questioned stated that they would like their child to pursue a career in the legal profession.

The security and financial stability of the legal profession is a big draw for individuals choosing a career, not to mention their loved ones wanting the best for them. Being a lawyer is a rewarding and highly respected position and here at LR Legal Recruitment, we are proud to serve such an important profession.

If you’re looking for a position as a lawyer or other legal opportunities in London and the South East, we can help. Read our latest vacancies or call us today on 0208 464 2503 and we’d love to help you take your next step in law.

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