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Property Solicitors in this continuing growth market

The 'Property Boom' continues to dominate and is far from completion stage...

Nationwide Property Lawyers have continued to ride this buoyant wave, their expertise undeniably giving them a platform to shine in their somewhat 'see-saw' careers. The forward thinking law firms that have wisely adapted to this lucrative, fluid market and focussed on their property departments have also flourished....yet some firms have incredibly chosen not to....why?

This continuing property spurt is still managing to catch a large number of law firms out, they simply are not paying their property professionals what they are worth. So whoever holds the 'purse strings' in these firms they need to loosen them as their competitors have started to do so.

Whether retaining, replacing or expanding staff, law firms need to seriously re-think about what salaries they have to offer and start maximising on the work that is literally being handed to them on a plate. The property boom will inevitably falter one day and this will simply separate the firms that have ridden the wave or have simply chosen to paddle.


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