Corporate V's Regional Heavyweights

Corporate V's Regional Heavyweights - 'who bags the heavier punch?'

The kudos of 'City Life' still undoubtedly remains extremely attractive to the young, ambitious law professional into their legal career and equally working in 'the square mile' continues to hold a magnetic appeal. However, times have changed and it has become notably apparent the spotlight no longer just shines on these Corporate firms.... let's shed some light on this.

Each week City life begins with an endless mass of Lawyers swarm into their glass towers, a sea of immaculately pressed suits amalgamating into one dark mass. Amongst a hoard of hungry, determined law professionals the fight for a glimmer of 'centre stage' is almost as likely as seeing an eclipse. ‘Small fish in a big pond’ springs to Lawyers’ have to ask the question, ‘where do they place themselves?’

Yet some City professionals have made the crucial decision to make an exit and venture into the regions (ironically these regional heavyweights commonly Partner lead by ex-City Lawyers) and instantly there is a ray of hope to shine.

This finally begs the question, "Do you choose a dog eat dog City career?" ....albeit in a gorgeous glass tower, or does these heavyweights in the leafy suburbs suddenly have magnetic appeal?

Brenda Shanahan - Legal Recruitment Consultant  LR LEGAL 

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