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Career Progression Vs Salary Hike

We have had many situations in upon meeting a new candidate, the choice between career progression with an innovative law firm versus a bigger salary is inevitably discussed. For many candidates, they would like these to benefits to come in hand in hand but this is not always the case.

What is the priority? Not many of us can afford to take a drop in salary nor do we have it in our minds to move roles for the same salary we are on. Are we not able to see the 5-year plan which is crucial when building a career?

More recently within the agency we had a candidate who was offered a role with a very reputable law firm with career progression, excellent training and a reputation which will push your own career forward. Done deal? An offer of £5k more was put to the candidate and the prospects disappeared for a firm that could not compare.

Would you like to think that this would be you or would you be able to resist and look to the long-term benefits? You may not be there right now but who is to say that it won't happen in the next 6 months if you join a progressive firm for all the right reasons not just for the hike!


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