Legal recruitment post referendum – Business as usual.

Welcome to LR Legal Recruitments summer update. Now that the dust has settled a little post-Brexit we have been able to get a clearer view of the impact for our candidates and the legal recruitment sector overall. So how has legal recruitment changed post-referendum? The answer is ‘not very much!’.

The uncertainty which led to firms delaying hires has been relieved by a market which still very buoyant and the need for skilled law professionals across all areas of law continues to grow at a steady pace. It appears that after Brexit, the sense of optimism surrounding the industry has actually increased. In both pre- and post-Brexit surveys, recruitment professional’s responses suggest the biggest challenge on people’s minds is identifying qualified candidates and dealing with skill shortages; a trend we’ve observed globally for many years.

Within the next 2 years, most firms:
• Expect their total number of placements to increase compared to last year.
• Expect their agencies revenue to increase even more so than last year now that the UK has left the EU.
• Expect this increase to be partly due to the growth social media.

Of course, it is still early days and no one can predict what will actually happen over the next 5 years. In the context of your career and when to move, the right time should always be when it is right for you rather than worrying too much about what the market forces prophecy.


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