Leopards don’t change their spots and elephants never forget.

What you need to know about Counter Offers.
So you have made the brave decision to leave your current firm for pastures new, the notice letter has been given and now your HR Manager has dropped a bombshell “we don’t want you to go, how does a pay rise sound?”

For your employer there are several reasons for offering this:
1.    You’re good at your job and they won’t want to lose you
2.    You’re expensive and difficult to replace.
3.    Your replacement is an unknown quantity.
4.    It will take time for your replacement to get up to speed.
5.    The people you work with or act for are unlikely to appreciate the change.
6.    The client may decide to move with you.

Although you may initially be flattered by the suddenly perceived recognition of your hard work take caution; it’s a universal truth in the recruitment game that buy-backs very rarely work out.

No-one likes negotiating at gunpoint.
Consider that the underlying culture of the organisation will remain just as it was, counter-offers always involve cash and you’re most likely not moving for money in the long run. Also, If the organisation really valued you why have they let you reach the point of resigning? People only move when they feel under-valued. 

Once you have demonstrated you are willing to leave, your employer will harbour a doubt about your long-term commitment and no one wants to work in an uncertain environment. Ultimately, if you accept the counter-offer your bluff has been called; they know it and you know it.

So the next step? Be very sure you definitely want to move then Find yourself a recruitment agent you can trust. Talk it through with us, we’ve heard it all and will give you an objective view. 


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