How to choose your Recruitment Consultant

So, you have made the decision embark on a new job search but how do you know which recruitment consultant to pick to help you with this important decision?

Firstly, find a Recruitment Consultancy that works in your industry and is familiar with your chosen geographical area. There are many agencies that promise a wide choice of vacancies but may not have the in-depth understanding of legal recruitment or the Clients operating in your region. Recruitment like many professions is highly specialised and it is important that you speak to someone who is an expert in your field.

A specialist Legal Recruiter will have a better understanding of the typical career path in your field, the current trends in the market and an in-depth knowledge of what their clients are looking for. They should also be able to provide advice on salary trends and other industry-specific information such as who is hiring, who isn’t hiring and why?

Referrals and recommendations are very useful, especially if you know someone in your industry who has recently moved roles. If you see you share a connection with a recruiter and one of your friends on LinkedIn, ask them for a no holds barred opinion of their experience with that individual.

Next; do your research, not all recruitment consultants were created equal, and finding the best one can make the difference between getting the job you have always wanted and missing out because your recruitment consultant didn’t even know about it. Investigate your potential consultant’s background and look at their contacts on LinkedIn, their company website and other social media platforms. Do they advertise roles that you are interested in? Are they experienced in the legal sector? Do they have a track record? Have they been in their role a long time? Have they been endorsed or recommended by people at companies you want to work for or with people you know and trust? These will be clear signs as to how involved in the industry your recruitment consultant is.

The more people they know (that you want to know), the more opportunities they will be able to bring to the table.

Building a relationship with your chosen consultant is very important. It’s key when meeting or speaking with your consultant for the first time that they understand your needs as you both are aiming for the same goal. Having a good relationship built on trust is crucial as you should feel comfortable to be honest and upfront with them. Your consultant’s remit is to represent you as well as helping you achieve the desired outcome so be sure that you bring up everything in your discussion. Remember that your consultant’s main objective is to find you the best role possible so take on broad and trust all the advice that they give you. They should be prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that they find the role that suits you best.

Finally, always remember to follow up with your consultant and to be sure to ask if there have been any updates on your applications that they have sent on your behalf.

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