A letter to our Clients

Dear Client

So, you have told me you are looking for the best person to fill your latest role and I have found the ideal person; she’s exactly what you are looking for; experienced, enthusiastic and looking for a job in a firm just like yours. This Candidate is the perfect fit but of course, because she’s so great she has other interviews coming up.

This is the point where you usually say to us “She sounds great Just send me her CV and I will get back to you”.

Dear Client, as we have sent you the perfect candidate can we move to a meeting with her? Time is of the essence and we really do not want you to lose the opportunity to see her for yourselves.

It’s clear she is worth seeing quickly, as she fits your role so well. In fact, I will stake my reputation with you that you will not waste your time seeing her. She is a prime candidate, and I want you to secure seeing her before she goes to one of your competitors.

Dear Client, while I do have the candidate’s permission to talk to you, she does not want to hawk her CV around town. Between the candidate and I, we have isolated just a handful of opportunities she is interested in. Yours is one of those. She is the perfect person for your role and is keen to work for your company. We really should move fast to see her and let her know that you want to meet her, or else we allow her other options to have an advantage over you. It is best we set up a time now, and the CV will follow well before the meeting.

What is there on the CV Dear Client that I cannot tell you in far more detail right now?”

Don’t let this great opportunity pass, please call me so I can tell you her story in full and let this exceptional candidate shine.

It’s in the interview that the magic happens.” – LR Legal 2017

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