Legal Jobs Dubai


Want to wake up to blue skies every day?

LR Legal has recently gone into partnership with several top internal law firms based in the UAE. If you are thinking of relocating or want to find out more about an exciting legal career abroad read on.


The UAE has attracted people from far and wide and many of the cities have more non-nationals than nationals – 85% of those living and working in Dubai are non-citizens, making it very culturally diverse and providing those who are looking for a change to Western life with an enriching experience.

The UAE has a fantastic year-round climate that rarely drops below 20 degrees celsius. Topped with beautiful sandy beaches and lukewarm water, it provides dream-like weather for many north of the hemisphere. The UAE is also perfectly placed for those that like to travel. With new flights added all the time, commutes to incredible destinations are becoming much quicker and cheaper than ever. 

Dubai offers a well-rounded lifestyle and set of experiences for expatriates relocating, including for young families and the quality of living is very high. The cost of housing is relatively well priced for the size, build quality and location of the apartments and houses. Dubai is also a very safe city with many gated communities with little danger outside the walls. An overall tolerant and friendly city, Dubai has much to offer in the way of quality of lifestyle for expatriates, and with a very large expat community, it is a very diverse and multicultural city.

Professional Experiences
Working in any new country or city is fantastic for your CV and career development serving your experiences both professionally and personally very well. Any future employers will be impressed by your wealth of experience in a foreign location such as the UAE. 

Due to the number of expatriates working in the UAE, the networking possibilities are very high and many expats say that their time in the UAE provided them with a large network of very close business contacts (many of which became close friends) who have helped them in furthering their businesses and future employment possibilities.

Financial Benefits
The UAE offers a major financial benefit to expatriates – no income tax! Coupled with salaries that are often better than in Western countries, expatriates find it is much easier to save money, pay off existing debts and when they do decide to head back to their native countries they return with large savings.

There are many reasons why the UAE is a great place for expatriate’s legal professionals looking for a new career and lifestyle, and with cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai it isn’t hard to see why. If you have been tempted by the lifestyle on offer in the UAE and would like to relocate there please call email  or send us your CV here.