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Risk and Compliance

Why is Risk and Compliance so important for Law firms?

At LR Legal Recruitment we place candidates in Risk and Compliance roles such as: Head of Risk and Compliance, Legal Compliance Manager, Risk Manager, Client and Matter Inception Manager, Conflicts Assistant.

For clients
Compliance is very much an essential part of running a law firm these days. At the very least, a compliance plan and, at best, a compliance culture within the organisation should be in place. Why is this so important? - Because a good compliance culture ultimately means good client service.

Compliance as defined, is simple, it's making sure you follow the rules. What isn't simple is the interpretation and creation of the rules. Compliance can be broken down into two areas; regulatory and internal. If compliance is handled properly then a good portion and a base for risk mitigation is in place. 

As your firm grows so does the need for expanded compliance, that means hiring. But who do you hire? What is needed are experienced people who can research and provided resolutions and process complex thoughts into viable outcomes. With many new regulations that have come about in the past 5-10 years’ compliance is now the most important part of a business. 

For Candidates
Risk and compliance is a growing area of specialism for law firms. Roles tend to be either specialist functions for example within AML, Sanctions, Conflicts and/or FS Regulatory or more general Risk and Compliance roles where you will be involved in all aspects of managing the firm’s risk and compliance requirements. 

We work with top 100 law firms as well as leading boutique practices in central London and many regional heavyweight firms in the South East. We assist Recruitment and HR teams in the recruitment of specialist lawyers in these ever-expanding areas

For more specific roles, firms like to see experience; HR are more open to considering candidates transitioning into R&C if it is a more generalist role. Firms are willing to consider both qualified and non-qualified lawyers depending on the seniority and requirements of the role.

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